Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#updates - seven jan 2014 - term 4 week 1

Hi guys.

Tomorrows Schedule will be:

English Language with Mr. Jonathan Arrowood
Sports & Wellness with Mr. Jerome Tan
Humanities with Mr. Mark Lim
Mother Tongue
Mathematics with Mr. Ong SK

Blogs to Visit:

Physics #updates:

Pre Quiz
Please complete the following pre quiz that assess you on topics that we will be covering this year by T1W1 Friday (10 Jan 2014).
Please allocate 1 hour to complete the pre quiz.

Preparation for Science Lesson - General Wave Properties

Before the lesson, visit http://www.hippocampus.org/Physics;jsessionid=5996E293DC3DBB646EDFDEEA534CB129
Click on “Introductory Physics”, search for “Wave”, click and watch the various videos.

As you are watching, ask yourself the following questions:
1. What’s going on?
2. What do you see that makes you say that?
Finally, watch the following video on waves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2s2fZr8sqQ

Mathematics #updates:

Some of you expressed that you would like to plan ahead for the subject during this school holidays,
do go to the Mathematics GoogleSite Announcement page for more details

Homework Today:

Art and Design:
Name Mr. Irfan 1 of your favourite movies and why. 

Bring Secondary 1 1B Textbook to school tomorrow.
Hand in your fun pack by Friday.

Diagnostic Test occurs tomorrow.

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