Monday, 6 January 2014

#updates #annoucements - six jan 2014 - term 4 week 1

Hi guys.

Important Annoucement:
Bring your thermometers tomorrow for temperature taking exercise!! Bookshop sells it for 5 bucks.

Tomorrows Schedule will be:

Physics with Mr. Leonard
Interdisciplinary Research Studies with Mdm. Arfah
Humanities with Mr. Mark Lim
Mathematics with Mr. Ong SK
Mother Tongue
English Language with Mr. Jonathan Arrowood.

Blogs to Visit:

Homework Today:

Art and Design:
Visit for a brief look on Communication

Relax Yo. 不要紧张。

Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
Google on Branding.

Something happens every Friday.

Character Education:
#nothing to do.

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