Monday, 30 June 2014

Homework for 30 June 2014


Present Perfect Magazine [ Violence Issue ] - Comprehension

BlendSpace Activity - Deconstructing Media


Chinese Composition


+ Ask students to create a blog for ISS with the naming format as: 

and create tabs with the following headings as shown in the sample posted here: 

Development (40 mins)

+ Get students to respond to the question – what is science and the scientific method?
+ Instead of telling the students, ask them to search the internet and present their cases about 
   what is the scientific method.
+ A good example is this website on the overview of the scientific method: 
+ Students can post their research in the blog created.

Conclusion (5 mins)
+ Remind student to answer the key question – “What is the Scientific Method?” in 20 words and a diagram.  

Complete the Advertisement (60 sec.)
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